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Is 5 Handguns Every Instructor Should Master - Volume 1 - GLOCK for you? 

Whether professionally, or simply to teach your family & fellow community members, this course will help you understand the fundamentals and history of GLOCK. In addition, you'll gain better understanding of how to instruct others on the safe & proper way to handle their tool.

Now some people are rock-heads, and cannot/do not want to seek this kind of information out themselves. That is why responsible citizens like yourself must find this for them. So you may pass along this knowledge, or in other words, get it through their skulls.

Of course, every gun owner has their favorite gun! However you are the leader to your family and community, so regardless of your personal preferences, you'll have to set any bias aside. You will need to have a well-rounded background and depth of knowledge but fear not. This course will help you out!

Volume 1 - GLOCK 

This is Volume 1 of a five volume online video training course called 5 Handguns Every Instructor Should Master. Volume 1 covers the GLOCK Striker-Fired Pistol.

The full 5-volume training course will examine five different styles of firearms that represent a broad cross-section of duty and concealed carry handguns that you are most likely to encounter. Naturally, striker-fired handguns are the most popular of all 5 types, so we started with GLOCK for Volume 1.

So here's what you'll learn during 5 Handguns Every Instructor Should Master - Volume 1 - GLOCK:

  1. History of the Striker-Fired Pistol
  2. Disassembly and Basic Maintenance
  3. Sight Removal and Installation
  4. Installation of Red Dot Optics
  5. Utilizing Standard Sights and Red Dot Optics
  6. Pistol Operation: Two-Handed, Strong Hand Only, Support Hand Only
  7. Clearing the 3 Most Common Types of Stoppages
  8. Bonus Material