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What will you do when lethal force is NOT justified?

Sometimes you have to fight and you cannot get to a gun or lethal force is not justified. You might have to fight using nothing but your hands and feet. That’s why we developed Force Options: How to Defend Yourself Without a Weapon.

There are far too many charlatans in the self-defense training industry, our goal is to give you information that you can HELP YOU in the fight for your life! A commercial full of fluff ignited our passion to deliver a real, no bull-crap training program that will actually serve you in the most important moment of your life; when you’re fighting for it.

For Anyone Who Wants to Learn!

Force Options: How to Defend Yourself Without a Weapon is the result of decades of professional experience not only in self-defense training, but in instructional tactics as well.

This educational series is offered on the mobile-friendly Student of the Gun Online Training platform, so enrolling in and completing this online training course is easy!

This course will teach you:

  • How to Fight on your Back
  • Ideal Weak Points
  • Disparity of Force
  • Escaping Different Holds/Grasps
  • and Much More!