Denver Passes Law to Nullify US Constitution | SOTG 1120 Pt. 3

You might be surprised, or perhaps not, to learn that the State of Colorado and the City of Denver have decided that they now possess the power to override the United States Constitution. We’ll consider this in detail.

How does NASCAR feel about their fans? How do they feel about their drivers? Well, based upon their behavior, NASCAR does not have much regard for either their drivers or their fans. It makes you wonder about whom it is that they do care.

Just how dangerous is a media-created fear campaign? It is dangerous enough to cause a mother to put her 13-year-old son into the trunk of her car and drive him around town. Don’t say we did not warn you.

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  • [0:02:05] Mom put son in trunk because he had COVID-19, court documents say
  • [0:32:45] Denver City Council Passes Ban on Custom-made Firearms
  • [0:45:25] Primary Topic – Patriot Fire Team Fridays
    • PTAR: Chapter 1, Section 5 – The Sources

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Yesterday, the Denver City Council voted to pass a bill banning custom-made firearms, referred to as “ghost guns.” The measure now heads to the desk of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. Please contact Mayor Hancock and ask him to OPPOSE this “ghost gun” measure.

Last year, Governor Polis signed SB21-256 into law, giving cities and local governments in Colorado the authority to establish their own gun regulations that are more stringent than state law. Using this authority, the Denver city council has now criminalized custom gun makers and their customers by passing a bill banning “ghost guns.” Repealing the state preemption law gave the anti-gun-controlled city council the opportunity to push their encroachment on the Second Amendment, instead of tackling the real issue of crime.

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Sports fans started chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” at sporting events last September. They were chanting it in October when Brandon Brown won his race, and a reporter “claimed” they were chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon.” That’s when “Let’s Go, Brandon” became a meme, inspired classical musical pieces, and entertained a nation. Last month, Brown’s team announced “LGB.coin” as their new sponsor and debuted their new car design. Once news broke, someone in NASCAR claims it wasn’t approved. Got all that?

NASCAR has officially told Brown’s team that the LGBcoin sponsorship has been rejected. Also, allegedly, the team was told in November that they couldn’t use the new publicity in anything NASCAR-related. I say “allegedly” because I have a hard time believing that, in all the interviews Brandon Brown gave saying he was struggling to find sponsors, that detail never came up.

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