GYKOPS and Everyone is a Racist to Democrats | SOTG 1123 Pt. 3

Like the proverbial boy who cried wolf, liberals and Democrats are crying “Racist” at every turn. We have more evidence to prove that liberals cannot stand on the merit of their ideas, instead they must silence their critics by calling them racists. When will this end?

GYKOPS stands for; get your kids out of public schools. We have been saying that for years. We have yet one more instance of a child being abused by the liberal bullies who run out public schools.

Also, we will continue with our book study of The Political Thought of the American Revolution. This week we will highlight Chapter 2, Section 8, the Rights of Americans.

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  • [0:00:00] Generation Fear: Raising Our Children to Live in Fear
    • Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Early Child Cognitive Development: Initial Findings in a Longitudinal Observational Study of Child Health
  • [0:04:21] Dad Confronts School, Daughter Left in the Cold without Food and Water for Hours over Not Wearing a Mask
  • [0:22:26] ‘Racists … Are Showing Up In Droves To School Board Meetings’: Teachers Union Prez Weingarten Quotes WaPo Opinion Piece
  • [0:31:02] 1619 Project Founder Says Joe Rogan Is Guilty Of ‘Open Racism’
  • [0:39:45] Primary Topic – Patriot Fire Team Fridays Chapter 2 Sec 8
    • The Rights of Americans –  5 Natural Rights and the responsibility of the Govt to protect those rights, not take them away or restrict them

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“Hey mom, do we use old light bulbs?” the 8-year-old asked on the ride home from school. A bit perplexed, his mother replied. “When the light bulbs get old, they stop working and we replace them. Why do you ask?” The child said, “My teacher told us that old light bulbs waste energy and that hurts the planet.” Are we raising Generation Fear?

That story was related to me several years ago. You might remember the great incandescent light bulb panic. You know, the one where we were all forced to pay twice the price for light bulbs that only worked half as well? To save the planet of course.

I recall many years ago, my daughter coming home from 3rd grade and asking us if we kept alcohol in our house. When we asked why she would wonder about such a thing, she replied, “My teacher said that if our parents keep alcohol in the house that they might be alcoholics.”

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For anyone just tuning in, America’s public school system is an unimaginable conglomeration of ignorance, insanity, and hysteria. Parents and students alike are becoming aware of this fact and speaking out against it, but it would seem the thick-skulled dunderheads who staff the schools are a little slow on the uptake. And even when governments tell them the masks need to be taken off our children, some of them refuse to end their inane policies.

This young lady didn’t wear a mask to school. So, what did the school do? They forced her to sit in the entry vestibule of the school for six hours! No food. No water. And when she needed to use the restroom, she was escorted outside and around the building to access one of the restrooms.

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New York Times journalist and 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones accused podcaster Joe Rogan of “open racism.”

The host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” came under fire from the Left after hosting prestigious scientists Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, who challenged the mainstream narrative on COVID-19. Progressive celebrities and commentators are attempting to censor Rogan by pressuring Spotify to sever its relationship with him.

Nikole Hannah-Jones — the journalist who won a Pulitzer Prize for centering American history upon the African slave trade — joined the throng on Sunday evening. In a since-deleted tweet, Hannah-Jones said that Rogan’s audience does not mind his “open racism.”

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