Hiding PA Election Fraud and Armed while Jogging? | SOTG 1117 Pt. 3

The State Senate in Pennsylvania is conducting a complete audit of the 2020 Presidential Election. Why, if they have nothing to hide, would the Democrat Secretary of State want to sue to stop them? 

Do you carry your gun when exercising, jogging, or engaging in recreational activities? Do you have a concealed carry permit, but you still don’t carry your gun? A woman in the Chicago area was attacked by not one, but two, vicious dogs while on a morning run.

For your Patriot Fire Team section, we continue with our book study of  The Political Thought of the American Revolution. This week we will be examining Chapter 1, Section 3, the characteristics of political writing.

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  • [0:01:53] RMWS Series Finale came out this week! members.studentofthegun.com
  • [0:06:00] Follow up from Thursday:  Lloyd Austin is guilty of violating
  • [0:08:25] Sheriff: 2 Rottweilers used jogger ‘like a chew toy’ in St. Charles attack www.chicagotribune.com
  • [0:22:00] ABSOLUTE PANIC: Pennsylvania Democrat Secretary of State Sues to Prevent State Senate Audit from Examining Dominion Voting Machines www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021
  • [0:31:30] Primary Topic – PTAR Book Study

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From www.chicagotribune.com:

Two Rottweilers that were attacking a jogger in St. Charles are dead after the dogs’ owner and a man who intervened tried unsuccessfully to pull the animals off the woman until the man, who has a concealed carry license, fatally shot one of the dogs, according to the Kane County sheriff’s office.

The homeowner voluntarily had the second Rottweiler euthanized the day after the attack earlier this week, according to Ron Hain, the Kane County sheriff.

“It was a proactive stance by the dog owner, and I would say any responsible dog owner would do the same. I have four dogs and I think if any of them bit somebody we know that it would be the end of days for that dog,” Hain said Thursday.

(Click Here for Full Article)

From www.thegatewaypundit.com:

They are very scared. Pennsylvania’s corrupt Secretary of State is suing Pennsylvania’s Senate to prevent Senate hired auditors from looking into Dominion Voting machines in their audit.

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State is suing the state’s Senate to prevent the Senate-hired auditors from accessing Dominion voting machines in the Senate’s audit. Phil Kline at the Amistad Project tweeted about the Pennsylvania State Secretary of State suing to prevent an audit of the state’s 2020 Election results.

(Click Here for Full Article)

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