Instruments of Liberty & CoD Training? | SOTG 1190 Pt. 3

Which is more important; for a citizen to own an Instrument of Liberty or for tax-slaves to play with toys? Before you answer, listen to what the Professor has to say about it. American Liberty is not a game.

Can adults learn lessons from video games? You might be surprised.  Paul, Jarrad, and Zach will discuss lessons from Call of Duty that can be applied to the real world in which we live. 

Additionally, we have an NYC follow up from Thursday.  Remember when Mayor McCheese blamed the crime problem in New York City on guns? What happened to his plan to fight crime? Also, Mayor McCheese a liberal Democrat, doesn’t want illegal invaders in his city.  He thinks your town needs to take them in.


  • [0:01:45] Mayor Adams Releases Blueprint to End Gun Violence in New York City
    • Send Migrants To The ‘Cities, Villages, Towns’ Across America So ‘It’s Not A Burden’ On NYC, Mayor Says
  • [0:08:34] What is an instrument of liberty? Why is that concept even important?
  • [0:38:00] Patriot Fire Team Fridays
    • Call of Duty offers a great example of why PFT training is critical



It has been said that liberty is the ability to make a choice and freedom is a result of making the right choices. American liberty and the freedom to make choices is codified in the documents used to forge and found this nation. American liberty is serious business and it is certainly not a game.

I have been an outdoor and shooting sports figure for going on three decades now. During that time, I have witnessed shooting sports personalities put their feet in their mouths and, with some effort, stand upon their own phallus. Some of those who made a living thanks to the freedoms confirmed by Amendment 2, US Constitution, have gone on record with statements that directly conflicted with both the wording and intent of the Second Amendment. In short, individuals in the industry forgot about American liberty.

I suppose the first incident in modern history was when Jim Zumbo opined in his online column that AR-15’s (as well as the AK-47) are “terrorist rifles” that no true sportsman would endorse. Zumbo was on the Remington Arms payroll at the time. He was, rightfully so, called upon the carpet. Fear not, Jim went through the Ted Nugent AR Rehab program to get clean of those thoughts. Consequently, since Zumbo’s infamous remarks, the AR-15 has truly become the “American Rifle”.

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