Swiss Army Fork? | SOTG 1241 Pt. 2

Don’t you mean “Swiss Army Knife”? Not so fast. The tax slaves in Europe cannot be trusted with sharp objects. How is Victorinox going to address the needs of disarmed peasants? Stop the world, I want to get off.

We have our first ever “Twisted Purple Panties Award”. During our Leadership Lessons, Paul will consider the difference between challenging and coddling. Congratulations to ‘Bob’ for winning the first award. 

For our Fighting Fitness segment we have two parts. Part one, how does soy affect the brain or does it? Part two, when it is time to bench press a barbell, ditch the collars. It might save your life.


  • [0:02:10] Leadership Lessons: The Job of a Leader is to CHALLENGE his men, not coddle them/First Ever Twisted Purple Panties Award!
  • [0:17:55] Fighting Fitness: Soy & Weak Brains?
    • Collars on the bench?
  • [0:34:00] End of Civilization Watch: Victorinox to Make Swiss Army Knives Without…Knives
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The Shipping Ogre at Student of the Gun

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