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What is a bullpup shotgun? How is a bullpup 12 gauge shotgun different from any other and what are the advantages of such a tool? Professor Paul has begun reviewing a new bullpup semi-automatic, magazine-fed 12 gauge shotgun and will relate his thoughts to us.

Keeping with our theme of 12 gauge, semi-auto shotguns, this week’s Duracoat Finished Firearm is the Catamount Fury. This gun is a large, magazine fed, semi-automatic shotgun done in woodland style Duracoat pattern.

Are carrying the Fundamental Four when it comes to Everyday Carry? Do you know what they are? Paul recently wrote another article detailing the value of the Fundamental Four in regard to being an armed citizen. 

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• Q: What is a Bullpup Shotgun?

– A: A firearm (shotgun, rifle, etc.) is a bullpup if the ejection port and feeding device is located behind the pistol grip and the trigger.

• Q: What is the best Bullpup Shotgun?

– A: KSG is what I have the most experience with. The SDS Imports BLP M12AB Semi-Auto Bull Pup Shotgun, 12G is the 2nd most.

• Q: Have you ever shot a Kel-Tec KSG 12 shotgun?

– A: Yes! It was fantastical. Up to 7 rounds per tube, for a total of 15 shells. 12 mini shells per tube for a total of 25 shells.


From www.thetruthaboutguns.com:

Thanks to the internet and social media, EDC or everyday carry have become ultra-popular terms. Thousands upon thousands of Instagram users hashtag their EDC photos on a daily basis. Rather than consider the pros and cons of such activity, I would instead pose a couple of serious questions.

What does it truly mean to carry every day? Or, what items are genuinely the most practical and valuable for the armed citizen when it comes to everyday carry? In the next several paragraphs we will address this in detail.

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