Open Letter to James Hatch and the USA Today Editorial Staff, Re: Good Guy with a Gun Myth

2 - CopyMr. Hatch,

Having just finished reading your editorial in the Dec. 11 2015 issue of USA Today (online) entitled “The Good Guy with a Gun Myth”  I was obliged to respond.

Not a fan of the American Pravda, I became aware via a friend’s social media post. I felt that as I am also a veteran of the United States Military (Parris Island Class of ’87) I should respond to the assertions you offered on behalf of the “guns are not the answer” crowd.

In your opening paragraph you grab the readers’ attention by referring to the “slaughter” of 14 innocent Americans in San Bernardino, California, by “two people armed with high-powered rifles and handguns”.

I’m going to assume that the USA Today Editorial department removed any reference to the fact that these “people” as you say, were Islamic jihadists planted in our country for the sole purpose of murdering the innocent.

As you say you are a “combat veteran” I feel certain you would not deliberately give a pass to the death cult of Islam for yet another in an incalculable number of malicious attacks on the free world.

Your next tactic is to paint both Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich as political opportunists for suggesting that a good guy (or good guys) with a gun could have made a difference in the numerous mass killing events that you ascribed to “terrorists”, again eliminating any reference to the Religion of Peace whose primary recruiting tool is death and the threat of death.

You then discount Cruz and others who might share his opinion in Washington D.C. as they have not been in gunfights.

Moving on, you explain that from your experience, being a good guy with a gun when the bullets start flying is “very difficult”. Well, allow me a moment to retort: No shit. I’m curious to know how many folks have come out with the opposite opinion that gunfights are not difficult? Actually, I will be that guy.

As a combat decorated veteran myself, (DD214 on file) I can tell you that I watched in awe as my fellow Marines performed admirably under fire. Yes, in the height of incoming and outgoing artillery fire, sporadic gunfire from armor, mortars, and machine-guns, they performed exactly as they had trained.

Yes, gunfights are wild and unpredictable, but they are also manageable events. Granted, trained good guys can and do get shot and killed during fights. That is the risk that we all accepted when we swore an Oath of Allegiance to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

You say “Gun Fights are Crazy” and “Gun Fights are Hard”.  Again, I’ll offer “no shit”, but I will remind you that in this world we have “shootings” and we have “gunfights” and the two are not the same.

A “shooting” is one person (faction) having guns and the other person (group) being unarmed. A “gunfight” by definition involves both parties being armed.

You portray the San Bernardino Islamic Terror attack as a “gunfight” but it was not, it was a “shooting”, a slaughter, a mass murder. In order for San Bernardino, Paris Theater, Charlie Hebdo, etc. to have been “gunfights” the victims would have had to be armed.

James, you next assert that if even highly trained “special operators” can and do make mistakes during gunfights that the lowly American citizen, who may have little to no training is essentially a danger to themselves and others.

As a person who no longer wears the uniform on a daily basis and could be legitimately referred to as what you say a “weekend shooter”, I will hold my skills up to you or any comers.

Do not get me started on law enforcement and military personnel who only train with their guns when commanded to by their unit or department.

However, I will walk down the “untrained” versus “operator” road with you for a moment. Let us say that the Jihadists that you are afraid to mention do walk into a movie theater, shopping mall, or God-forbid elementary school. (Jihadists will murder children: Beslan Massacre) Despite the brightly colored plastic sign declaring the area a “Gun Free Zone” the Muslim Missionaries were not dissuaded.

Inside of the target building you will either have a large group of unarmed targets and there will be a shooting. Or, there may be a few “weekend shooters” with guns and you will have a gunfight. In scenario one, the death cultists will murder at will until they run out of ammunition, targets, or good guys with guns show up from the outside to engage them.

In scenario two, the few armed good guys will have a choice between running, hiding, and praying for mercy from the monsters of the 7th Century death cult or fighting back, as best they can.

In scenario two there is a choice. Die on your feet or in the fetal position. I would think that rather than berate a person with the courage to stand up and fight you would applaud their desire to make a difference.


Instead, what we get as a takeaway from your column is that armed good guys are delusional and a danger to themselves and others. How you can conclude that if Sen. Cruz gets his wish that MORE innocent people will be hurt is beyond my ability to comprehend.

The water you are carrying for Pravda and Veterans for Responsible Solutions is that only employees of the state have the qualifications and training to deal with terrorists. You “weekend shooters” should not even try. Keep a low profile, run if you can, and in the end die quietly.

Mr. Hatch, you cannot wrap yourself in the flag while calling for gun control and disarmament. I know the cowards in the media will never call you out for the despicable tool for progressive state propaganda that you have become, but I will. I hope the 30 pieces of silver that USA Today paid you will purchase a nice piece of land.

When the Jihadists and Muslim Missionaries arrive, regardless of how armed, and decide that the infidels in the mall, church, or school, are going to die…

Not you, the entire US Navy Special Operations Command or anyone else outside of the building is going to be able to do a damn thing to stop the slaughter.

The only people with any hope of minimizing the horror with be those present when the first shot is fired. I would have thought with all your “operator” experience you would realize that fact.

The CHOICE that American citizens have over all others in the world, and one that you seek to deny, is whether or not to be armed and prepared to fight rather than lay down and die.

Yes, they might make mistakes while they are fighting for their lives, I will give you that. Nonetheless, I’ll take that over your option of error-free submission.

I can only hope that someone has the moral fortitude to cut off your buttons and break your sword. You, Mr. Hatch are more disgraceful than your pal Gabby Giffords and the editorial leftists at Pravda. You of all people should know better, but have chosen to sell your soul. Enjoy your silver.

Thanks for reading.

Paul G. Markel
Author of Team Honey Badger

P.S. If you read this and are ready to learn more about being an armed citizen, I created this DVD just for you… And you don’t even have to wait on shipping. Watch it instantly!

Paul Markel became a United States Marine in 1987. He has been a police officer, professional bodyguard, and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor for the US Military during the Global War on Terror.  Paul is the author of numerous books; to include “Faith and the Patriot”, “The Patriot Fire Team”, “Student of the Gun, a beginner once, a student for life”.

His laterst work “Team Honey Badger: Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World” is available in Paperback and Kindle version.

Go to for more information.

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Paul Markel

Founder & President at Student of the Gun
Paul G. Markel has worn many hats during his lifetime. He has been a U.S. Marine, Police Officer, Professional Bodyguard, and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor. Mr. Markel has been writing professionally for law enforcement and firearms periodicals for nearly twenty years with hundreds and hundreds of articles in print. Paul is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows and subject matter expert in firearms training and use of force. Mr. Markel has been teaching safe and effective firearms handling to students young and old for decades and has worked actively with the 4-H Shooting Sports program. Paul holds numerous instructor certifications in multiple disciplines and a Bachelor’s degree in conflict resolution; nonetheless, he is and will remain a dedicated Student of the Gun.

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    1. Crunkatron

      The Pimp Hand of America hath stricken thee.

  1. John

    Kudos, Paul. When one is armed, at the very least, one has the chance of fighting back. When not, there is no hope. At that point, all that is left is slaughter. It is ridiculous to think that any armed citizen is at a greater chance of being murdered than an unarmed citizen.

    Every day, I see stories of regular old Joe type armed citizens preventing or stopping a home invasion, armed robbery or car jacking. As you say above, Paul, of course a fire fight is difficult, of course it is stressful. As with anything, the difficulty and the stress are somewhat determined by the level of preparedness and training that the arm citizen maintains. No matter what, however, you can bet, it would be darn more stressful and more difficult to survive when one is unarmed.

    1. Scottie

      A very much needed response to the cowardly crowd.

  2. Richard

    You’re spot on Paul. Keep up the vigilance!

  3. Donald Luksan

    Very well written letter,the people we are dealing with are very strong believers in laying down and dying. For some reason they think it wrong to fight for life. I will fight ,I may die,but I won,t go down quietly. Donald A Luksan

  4. Ed

    Well said Mr Markel and thank you for your continuing service to our great country.

  5. Tony Yates

    Well said!

    ~Semper Fi~
    Tony Yates
    Sergeant of Marines USMC

  6. Rick

    I have to believe that if more of us gun owners took the same stand and called idiots like this in the media out, that maybe they would think twice about writing crap like this. Facts like this need to be brought out to counter the medias lies. The last seven years in our Country has shown it don’t take much to fool a bunch of the people. I commend and thank you Paul for your stand against the lies. Now it’s time the rest of us stand with Professor Paul and do the same. MOLON LABE

  7. John Halbrooks

    I have no illusions about my abilities. I have never shot at a human, nor been on the receiving end of gunfire. I have never served in the military and I live a relatively quiet life. I go to church, go to work, support my family and raise my kids. I have a Concealed Weapons Permit and carry every day. My sincere wish is that my pistol stay concealed and that I never feel the need to draw my weapon. I am a free man living in a free country. My right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the constitution.
    I will defend my family and my right to live to my last breath. My will to live is stronger than a thug’s desire to steal or a Jihadist desire to inflict carnage. I will not be disarmed by a government that chooses to ignore my rights and certainly not by a plastic “No Guns Allowed” placard. I believe, perhaps naively, that there are more like me than those willing to lie down and die at the hands of these monsters. If a citizen chooses to not be armed, that is his choice. I would never dream of arming them. Why then would those same people want to disarm me? Why would they feel safer by me being as vulnerable as they choose to be?
    The more I listen to these people the more I understand. There is no middle ground in this discussion. My desire to protect my family and myself is not open for debate. Every area that they feel is an example of a need for more gun control is my same example for more armed citizens. I will continue to fight these intrusions on my rights with my vote and my money. I will not patronize a business that wants me unarmed. I will not vote for a politician that would in any way seek to compromise my rights. More importantly, I will not comply with any law that is in violation of my rights as outlined in the US Constitution.

  8. Johnny Campbell

    The real answer to what Mr. Hatch had to say is that they can’t take over this Country with people armed. Once they can disarm everyone the job becomes easier. Just look at history and you can see that it has happened many times before, OH! that’s right they don’t teach history any more. Guns are not the only thing they want to get rid of. Thanks Paul

  9. Fran

    Thank You Paul, I am a “weekend shooter’ who happens to carry every day. It has been 45 years since I donned the uniform of US Marine. That does not make me special but proud. Not being a soft target is a everyday goal. Being a SOTG is a pleasure. Thanks Again Fran

  10. Jonathan

    Excellent retort to another Liberal bleeding heart who thinks we can fight this war with Jihadists with unicorn milk and happy thoughts. Hopefully people will see through the BS and actually decide to defend themselves.

  11. Jeff Peters, RN, BSN, BA

    U.S.A. Today has chosen to take the ostrich defense. I will hide my head in the sand, ignore the evil and dangers around me, and I will be OK. I chose the reality defense. I see the evils and dangers around me and I choose the tools and training to help me provide for my own defense and safety. I have never needed to use this skills, nor do I want to. I also have never used my medical training outside of the hospital I work, but it is there if and when I need it. I learned the lessons of my life in the Boy Scouts, be prepared.

  12. 5WarVeteran

    Assert not asset
    When the Jihadists and Muslim Missionaries arrive, regardless of how armed, and decide that the infidels in the mall, church, or school, are going to die… – incomplete statement consider revising

    Otherwise well stated.

    I am wondering if Mr. Hatch buys into the last politicians statement of. “Sensible Gun Laws Work,’ California Proves It.” – Barbara Boxer.

    Obviously she did not get the “memo”.
    Oh and Class of 74 Flight 0054, and Class of 81 Company 207. Yes TWICE. Nothing like a Viet Nam Vet doing boot camp twice the second time with a bunch of pansy assed NAVY types.

  13. Robert Rickey

    Mr. Hatch,
    Though you made a few valid points in your article (as referenced by Mr. Markel), you surprise me with your narrow view of real-world civilian shooting and gunfight scenarios. I would have expected a former combat operator with specialized training and a strong situational awareness to provide a more realistic analysis of BOTH sides of a gunfight.

    In your article, you appear to give ALL terrorists and nut-jobs attempting to commit mass-murder with the skills, knowledge, and training of elite combat veterans such as yourself. All the while, attempting to belittle the American public as being untrained ‘weekend shooters with limited tactical training’. Why? How do you feel you have the right to purposefully mislead your readers?

    Here’s a few questions which would seem to need answers from you:
    When did the enemy (mass-murderers) in these scenarios suddenly become the trained to the highest levels in close combat?
    Where did they perform their proficiency training as they hid in plain sight awaiting their chance to strike?
    How can you casually dismiss all armed American citizens as being relatively untrained without mentioning the many thousands of combat-trained veterans who carry concealed weapons every day?
    Wouldn’t most realistic scenarios involving a ‘gunfight’ on American soil be between combatants with limited tactical training?

    When you decide to be intellectually honest with yourself and your readers, please respond. Until then, I have to agree with Mr. Markel – you are a disgrace.

  14. David

    Excellent rebuttal Paul! The Pimphand smacks down another liberal.

    1. Bryan Cox

      Excellent letter, Paul. I find it shameful that, in this time of uncertainty, people of like mind as Mr. Hatch and the political “leaders” of the day continue to call for gun control and tighter restrictions that simply will do nothing but make the situation worse. A true leader would (and some have) encourage the citizenry to arm themselves and learn how to properly use their weapon. Instead, mostly I hear the voices of Mr. Hatch and others like him telling us the same old rhetoric: You are only a citizen. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re going to make matters worse. Let the pros handle it. To that, Mr. Hatch, et al, I will say this: when I have my very own “pro” by my side, day and night, 24-7, I will still not lay down my arms.

      1. Herb

        When all the good guys with guns are gone and it is Mr. Hatch’s turn in the barrel, who is he going to call to save his bacon? Mr. Hatch makes Gomer Pyle and Forrest Gump look like mental giants.

      2. Christopher Umana

        Great response to his article Prof. Paul. It is imperative that more and more citizens hear this message as is related to us by you, Sheriff David Clarke, Chief James Craig, Sen. Ted Cruz, etc. It is also crucial that those of us who have understand the message of an armed populous, spread it to others. I and my wife were both (on separate occasions) victims of armed muggings/repeated threats while living in the people’s republic of California, and we always had a feeling of helplessness. That is until we moved out of there 11 years ago to free America, and are now armed 24/7. We still have family members who scoff because we carry or simply for wearing an NRA t-shirt. They feel comfortable being targets in a liberal state saying things like, “Well I’ve been wanting a gun, but we are predominantly a gun control approving state”. This is coming from someone with young children for God’s sake who has a retired detective for a father! As I write this, Los Angeles county schools are on lockdown due to what appears to be a terrorist threat, and they most likely will NOT wake up even after something like this. It’s abhorrent and quite frankly asinine. My kids have more Thomas Paine in them than they do, but I will still do my best to wake them up.

      3. John Edeen

        Well stated, Paul. We veterans, stand armed and ready to defend this country against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and domestic !

  15. Stephen Congilio

    Appears Comrade Hatch traded in his military career to become a full fledged fund raising political hack. Why would anyone who defended this country accept Mr. Hatch’s message to lay down your arms and accept the slaughter from these Jihadists? Paul, your letter was outstanding and effectively took this guy out. Love the podcast!! Especially your funny and sarcastic voice impressions of people talking stupid. Thanks.

  16. Glenn Johnson

    Seems that the previous responses cover every thing… So, Hatch got shot. boo hoo… we all put ourselves in that position (vets). That was his job. He could have gotten a head shot instead of the leg… I guess when he was recuperating, they must have put the liberal sweet tea in his I.V… Damn shame… he could have been a great sailor instead of a retired one… Glenn Johnson RM1(SS)(DV)

    1. Exit 4

      Sounds like Mr. Hatch has the same chronic case of vaginitis that our commander-in-chief has been suffering with for years. Pity.

  17. Garnet

    How is it that people wander so far off the path of truth?

  18. Paul Fingerson

    Mr. Hatch:
    You say that the Good Guy with a gun is a myth. How foolish, or unread are you? For
    decades The National Rifleman Magazine has run a compilation called the Armed Citizen.
    Therein are recorded and reprinted accounts of good guys (&women) with guns who many times without firing a shot, have protected their life & property. The number of times this
    happens in a given day exceed the number of deaths caused by criminal use of guns, every day. The baggage you proceed to carry in order to discount this truth must be an amazing
    blindness. You carry water for a dying tree, or rather weed . Freedom will prevail in spite
    of your lies or the number of times you tell them. Even if it takes till the return of God himself
    to set it right. I carry a gun. When I was young I defended myself well un armed. The times have changed. Any one who thinks we are not under attack and required to be ready to resist
    with the best possible force is deluded, or lying just as our Commander in Chief has been doing for years . If you are a true expert you know that you are just a paid mouthpiece of
    Those who would pretend that we would be safer without the 2nd Amendment. No one in Great Britian or Australia would agree with you. They gave up their guns for safety’s sake and wish they had them back. It will take more than an act of Congress to take away my tools that defend freedom & property.

    1. Brett Evans

      First off, Let me acknowledge Mr. Hatch’s 25 years of service for this country. Many of those in the Special Mission Unit. No one has the right to denigrate Mr. Hatch’s service.
      That being said, I think there are a couple of critical points to be made concerning this topic.
      1. CQC fights with enemy combatants is indeed hard,fast and dirty. In close proximity, you have an enemy that may be hard to distinguish from the local populace in their manner of dress (identity) . If they are armed (that’s not a broom in their hand). etc.
      2 Active shooter incidents in the U.S. for the most part are not CQC style of combat. Here you have an active shooter who prefers to dress up in tactical gear, sans helmet (easier to identify) carries multiple weapons. heavy load of ammo, sometimes likes to wear black balaclavas and if your still not sure, he/she is the one shooting women, children and men.
      Concealed carry holders who find themselves in the A.S.S. hole will do well to remember and employ the OODA loop. “Observe, Orient, Decide then Act”. Unlike are brave men and women in the Special Operation Command who must make split second decisions, we are afforded the opportunity of taking the extra second or two to properly identify are target.
      Yes I know there is chaos, take the extra second! Do the very best that you can. If by chance, you do shoot an innocent (God willing they won’t die) you might find some solace in Mr Hatch’s words that even our Special Operators make mistakes in these situations and you might have saved 20-30 lives by engaging the shooter.

      Semper Paratus

  19. Michael W. Backus

    Well stated Paul…!!! If the libtards only understood just how poorly trained the average police officer on the street is today. Many are physically out of shape and fire their duty weapons infrequently only to remain qualified. While I do not have a wealth of training I do have enough to employ my firearms with discretion in the event that I can make a difference in any given situation. I don’t go around looking for armed confrontations; quite the opposite. But you hit the nail on the head with your description of a “shooting” vs a “gunfight.”

    In closing, thank you for all you do to educate and inform all of your readers and listeners. I’m proud to be one of the Grad Program members and truly enjoy the daily podcasts…!!!

  20. Mario A. Acero

    Yeah, Mr. Hatch what Professor Paul said, except the dd14 stuff. Not much to add.

  21. Tim

    I don’t care what anyone says if I’m going to die I’m going to die fighting back. It’s high time we stop listening to these “just give them what they want” idiots. Always carry and always fight back.

  22. Kennard Walker

    Well said hard charger! They seem to think that death is preferable to risking to fight! You want my life you will have to take it cause I ain’t giving up Shit!
    Keep shining the the light.

    1. Michael Brannick

      Mr. Hatch and Professor Paul, thank you for your service. I, too, am a veteran though I never fought in Combat. Be very glad of that as I was a B-52 pilot trained mostly for a nuclear war.

      I read a while back, that when civilians stopped a violent crime there were, on average, fewer collateral casualties than when the Police stopped a crime. The other very important reason I support concealed carry is that the average Police response time to a 911 call is 9.6 minutes. The Police in San Bernardino responded in 4 minutes, less than half the average time, yet by the time they got there the shooting was over and the perpetrators had already escaped. The Police cannot be everywhere all the time. So, if you are in a terrorist attack you need to defend yourself. You cannot wait for the Police. The Police cannot protect you from terrorists when the terrorists get to pick the time and place of their attack. But if one or more citizens are armed they can even the odds somewhat. It might also interest you to know that many concealed carriers get as much or more training than Policemen. Private gun owners often shoot more and shoot more often than the average Policeman. Professor Paul knows this well. He trains many of those concealed carriers. He knows a LOT more about this subject than you do Mr. Hatch. Listen to him.

  23. Steve

    I’ve got to admit that I was torn when I read both your article and Jimmy’s article. I’m 100% behind properly trained law-abiding citizens carrying weapons that will protect them and their family from a threat be it a “shooter” or in a “gunfight”, and I’m 99% sure Jimmy feels the same way. I carry every day, train as hard as I can, and believe I’ve mentally prepared myself the best I can, for a situation I hope never comes. After reading both articles multiple times what I believe Jimmy was inferring, based off his vast experience of actually confronting people with guns, is that a armed citizen or even a couple armed citizens will most likely fail at stopping a coordinated attack by a terrorist organization. If you don’t think that’s true ask yourself how many LEO’s/ Military personnel were needed to take down the two shooters in CA. Even if you have a pistol or a truck gun and even if you have been properly trained when you go up against someone that has the strategic and tactical advantage be it numbers, weapons, and/or planning, it might be in your best interest not to engage unless you absolutely have to, because most likely you’ll kill or injure an innocent. Remember, the goal of a gunfight is to survive; it doesn’t matter if you die standing up or lying down…you’re still dead.

    On a different note, since you’ve called out Jimmy as “being a disgrace” and question his experience/authority let me call you out you. I honestly don’t think you’ve ever had ANY “skin in the game”. It is quite obvious from your article and from what I’ve gathered with your pod casts, your books, and seeing what you have in regards to “training”, that you have no idea what it takes to stop a situation like the acts of terrorism we’ve seen lately. In your article you question Jimmy’s statement that people with little to no experience could’ve made a difference. Of all people you as a self proclaimed “tactical trainer” or “SOTG” should know how dangerous and how big a liability untrained gun owners are. I work a lot with real hitters from around the world and even they say that if they were standing around the corner when shit hit the fan things would’ve gone bad, especially in France. So how about this, instead of sitting on your high horse degrading someone on the internet who’s seen more bloodshed and has put down more bad guys then you even know about, why don’t you keep being a big man selling your SwatFuel gimmick crap (by the way, are you serious?) while “wearing your “pipe hitters union” shirts and just keep “playing” commando while guys like Jimmy keep doing more and losing more than you’ll ever conceive.

    1. Chad Hendrix

      Thank you professor Paul for taking the fight to these cowards! As you brilliantly said, I would rather die on my feet than on my knees! God Bless you!

    2. Jon

      Hey Steve. You REMF puke. I vouch for my brother Marine Paul. I’m Parris Island Class of 80 and been to the haji party too. I don’t know any combat vet worth their salt who hasn’t felt pure unadulterated fear. It comes with the job and it’s real. The only difference between an actual combat vet and a remf is we kick the fear in its ass and finish the mission, while you remf’s cozy up to your keyboard or hide under your CO’s skirt.

      So enjoy your lefty friends like this douche bag Jimmy, Bloonberg and Husein Obama, believe all the crap you cowards spew. In the end you’ll still have no honor, because you never had it anyway.

  24. T

    First, to Professor Paul and all veterans whether at home or abroad; active duty, reserves, retired…
    I say THANK YOU! Thank you for your service.

    Pro Choice means: Pistol or Revolver.
    Cogito, ergo sum armatus. Molon labe.

  25. Ryne Class of 2001

    Paul did it again. Well done. It’s sad the sandwich makers think we will go quietly into the night.

  26. Melissa

    I consider myself relatively new to shooting. I view training as a necessity. However, when it hits the fan, I REFUSE to do nothing. I won’t go down without a fight!

    Note to Professor Paul: thank you, Sir.

    1. Michael Gosnell

      Very well said, Paul. My blood was practically boiling when I read that editorial. Your words express my sentiments 100 percent. Our country would never have been created with these kind of spineless people, never taking a chance or willing to make an error in order to achieve something. Thanks for your tireless efforts.

  27. Gerald Deas

    While I am only a “student of the Gun”. My effort to protect those around me would either stop the threat or slow it down enough for people to escape and for Law enforcement to arrive. We all need to “Stand and Fight” !
    Gerald J. Deas

  28. Doug Cornelius

    Preach it brother. Couldn’t say it any better. Keep up the great work.

  29. Lane

    Paul – you’ve done an excellent job on stating what should be a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Unfortunately people like Mr. Hatch and the editors of that news rag, either do not have the capacity for reason, or they choose to ignore it.

    Mr. Hatch may have spent time in the military, but I would not consider that time spent to be done so in service of this nation. Nobody truly serving this nation can do so without at least a basic understanding of the God given rights we enjoy, that are recognized by our constitution. Mr. Hatch’s time in the military was likely done for his own personal and likely selfish reasons, not for love of Country.

    Keep up the good fight Mr. Markel. Thank you for your continued service to our nation.

  30. Ern leph

    More of the slippery slope that we have been on since the mystery man has been calling the shots. The difference between the world I grew up in 50,60 and 70’s and know is so different. I can hardly believe I’m living in the same country. I never thought these thing would happen in my life time.

  31. WUA

    Paul, as always, you get right to the heart of it.
    All Patriots may not be as trained as a veteran who has seen combat, but we will not have to go to the fetal position. We will have a chance as long as this Country does not give up it’s Constitution, its soul, to a bunch of cowards.

  32. Paul W.

    Perhaps Mr. J. Hatch would change his tune should he find himself and family in a shopping mall when the SHIF. With highly trained law enforcement minutes away but the slaughter happening now and perhaps only yards from his family, I wonder if he will pray for a ‘good guy with a gun’ to turn the event into a gunfight. If not take out the bad guy at least redirect the bad guys attention to someone attempting to stop the slaughter.

  33. Rob H

    I find it so strange that those who deny the “good guy with a gun” philosophy in the same breath say we should cower in the corner call 911 and wait for the police. The police? You mean the good guys with a gun?
    Then again who is surprised they’re are that stupid?

  34. Pimphand

    General Benedict Arnold was a decorated military veteran as well.

    1. SF Thomas

      Everything this traitorous douche-nozzel wrote in his Pravda op/ed will fall, as soon as the next shooting (Paul nailed the distinction) occurs, and double if the “alleged” shooter is a refujihadi.

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    2. Ian

      Having read both articles, I was almost expecting a scholarly debate between two veterans who have experienced the horrors of war offer their unique perspective on the “good guy with a gun” trope. What I got from your article was hyperbole, character assassination, and condescension. Instead of refuting Mr. Hatch’s assertions and explaining your reasons why you disagree with carefully thought, logical arguments, you chose instead to attack his character (a paid shill, a despicable tool for progressive and state media), suggest all (or most) mass shootings are Islamist while holding a clear bias against practitioners of the “religion of peace” and the “7th century death cult”, and splitting hairs when Hatch talks about a hypothetical gunfight between the perpetrators and the good guys versus simply a “shooting” when the victims are unarmed. You even take a jab at Gabby Giffords, herself a victim of gun violence who deserves better regardless of politics and assume that Mr. Hatch is supportive of civilian disarmament (nowhere in the article does he make this claim).

      Since I assume you support the notion that more guns in the hands of civilians (trained or untrained) will make us safer from incidents of mass shooting regardless of the individual circumstances, the only statement you have made which supports this argument is an emotional one: You’d rather make a mistake in judgment (and possibly kill yourself or others) while attempting to take down a shooter than be a victim. That’s your choice to make – it might even be the correct one that ends up saving lives. You’re basically turning a potentially tragic situation into a numbers game. I can only hope your judgment and experience will prevail rather than aggravate an attacker and potentially cause more civilian casualties, since like the terrorists, you have effectively taken that choice out of our hands as well.

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