Insider Information about Original S.O.E Gear from John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas Part 2

This video contains adult language. If you are not an adult, do not watch it.

John Willis and Ben “Mookie” Thomas sit down and talk about the history behind some of the gear SOE has made. Comedy and education in one video. How awesome is that?

If you did not catch Part 1, stop what you are doing and click here to watch it. After you watch part 1 and 2, CLICK HERE for part 3.

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    1. WUA

      They’re sitting on their workbench, in their shop, sharing with us about how dedicated they are at trying to save the lives of soldiers in jeopardy. Give them a break! I’ll listen gratefully to 100 f-bombs per story and be glad that these guys exist in today’s world. Observe the context!
      Soldier on Team……..

  1. Jeremy M.

    SOE gear is not cheap by any means and your pocket feels it. However, I personally only want to buy my equipment once and expect it to outlast my need and withstand my abuse. SOE does exactly that. John will continue to get my business for that reason and he puts our men and women serving our country first. That is very important to me

  2. TNJR

    Great second installment. If you know ANYTHING about Willis and crew, you’ll be aware of the common usage of the adult colorful metaphor… Don’t judge video based upon your aversion to language use, accept that some people speak in many ways and judge this in content and context. These kats are doing this audience a solid by discussing the history of the quality gear and business relationship developed with the team guys etc…. Imho…. thanks Mookie and John for your time and willingness to wax eloquent for the SOTG nation… TNJR

    1. Scott "aka Dr. Oz" Oslund

      I have quite the different take on his “colorful adult metaphors”. Willis is classless. He isn’t smart enough to use different adjectives, adverbs and nouns (probably because he went to public school!) to convey his ideas (communicate), so instead he just lazily conjugates the F-bomb to make it function as a noun, adjective or adverb. White trash at it’s finest. Does he make great gear? Sure. Big deal. I’m way more interested in one’s character. C’mon Paul, you can do better than this. I believe banal would best describe Willis. In addition, he is completely full of himself, arrogant, and a total pinhead when it comes to interacting with people on social media that he disagrees with. And what’s with all the flaunting of his financial success. He just rubs it in the faces of his patrons/customers. Issues? Yeah, I’d say John has a bunch.

  3. Scott "aka Dr. Oz" Oslund

    To WUA: So, are all “soldiers” classless? I know dudes down at Coronado, and most of them don’t speak like John. I don’t mind a little “colorful” verbage, but when every other word is some form of the F-bomb it gets old really fast. It’s vulgar (look it up), tasteless and banal. He sounds like a punk who never finished public education. If I had used that language growing up, my dad would have corrected my behavior. In the immortal words of our illustrious host, Professor Paul Markel, John needs to fix himself!

  4. WUA

    Good Guys doing Good Work in troubled times, imo…………I totally thank them.

    “We may indeed with propriety be said to have reached almost the last stage of national humiliation.”

    1. Richard

      love the attitude, but the language not so much.

      1. Chris

        This is great!! Feels like catching up with my old Infantry buddies, but I have never met these dudes!

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