Comrade Newsome Equates Gun Ownership with Baby Killing | SOTG 1115 Pt. 3

Do you know what keeps CA Governor Gavin Newsome awake at night? Killing babies. Comrade Newsome is so upset that a woman cannot randomly kill a baby in Texas that he now has a plan to punish CA gun owners. Yes, you read that correctly.

A Los Angeles police detective recently recorded a video appeal to tourists to stay out of L.A. “We cannot protect you,” he said. Violent crimes of all kinds are out of control in California, but what are the rulers in Sacramento concerned with? Leaf blower and gas powered generators.

For the second week, we have a book study of the Political Thought of the American Revolution. This week we will discuss Chapter 1, Section 2 and the problems of the American Spokesmen.  

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  • [0:04:34] California to ban gas-powered leaf blowers and mowers, adopts tougher emissions standards for big trucks
  • [0:23:30] In response to Texas abortion ban, Newsom calls for similar restrictions on assault weapons
  • [0:40:04] PTAR: Chapter 1, Section 2 – The Problem of the American Spokesmen

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After the U.S. Supreme Court declined to block a Texas state law that bans most abortions there, Gov. Gavin Newsom said he’ll push for a new California law that deters the manufacture and sale of assault rifles in the state.

In a statement Saturday night, the governor said he was outraged by the court’s failure in a decision Friday to enforce longstanding constitutional protections in favor of abortion rights.

But by not striking down the Texas anti-abortion law, which relies on private citizens for enforcement, Newsom argued that the court has endorsed states’ ability to create similar legal mechanisms to safeguard laws from federal court review. In his statement Saturday, Newsom referred to a recent federal court decision that overturned the state’s ban on assault rifles in which the judge compared the weapons to a Swiss Army knife.

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You may be planning to visit Los Angeles this holiday season. Maybe you are like Rep. AOC and think the rampant crime plaguing the left coast is just a figment of Fox News’ imagination. Detective Jamie McBride has advice for those of you thinking about visiting. Don’t. Los Angeles has gotten that bad. You’re safer at home. Providing, of course, that your home isn’t in Los Angeles

“My advice to anybody considering coming to Los Angeles […] is ‘Don’t.'”

“We can’t guarantee your safety. It is really, really out of control […] It’s like that movie ‘Purge’ [sic]. Instead of 24 hours to commit your crime, these bad people have 365 days to commit whatever they want.”

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