Kids and Parents are Fighting Back | SOTG 1124 Pt. 3

Across the United States, parents and kids are finally beginning to fight back against the criminal tyrants running the public schools. We were horrified to discover the plans that local school boards have for indoctrinating and poisoning your children. Should a 5 year old be able to give consent to participate in a medical experiment? 

We have, not one but two, Canadian Trucker updates for you. GoFundMe has proven to be shills for the liberal left. What excuse did they cite to withhold millions of dollars from the Freedom Convoy? Yes, the Ambassador Bridge connects Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Canada.  

We have a shocking Winter Olympics Update. Some athletes are reporting that they have been abused and mistreated by the Chinese Communist government. Seriously, the ChiComs are treating athletes like prisoners. Who could have possibly predicted that? 

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  • [0:03:35] GoFundMe shuts down the Canadian truckers’ fund
  • [0:16:45] Tears of Despair for Olympic Athletes Forced Into Isolation Misery in Beijing
  • [0:30:20] Scottsdale School Board | You’ve Been Served
    • Nuremberg Code Prohibition against Medical Experimentation
  • [0:48:56] Teachers locked students refusing to wear masks in the gym and ‘turned off heating’ until police intervened
  • [0:55:55] ‘Freedom Convoy’ forces Ambassador Bridge shutdown over vaccine protest
  • [0:59:45] Primary Topic – Patriot Fire Team Fridays
    • Ch. 2, Sec. 9: The Right of Resistance

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ORIGINAL POST: GoFundMe, a site that holds itself out as the go-to place for online fundraising, just shut down the Convoy 2022 Fundraiser, which had passed $9,000,000 (Canadian). The same organization that funded the violent and illegal Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, as well as myriad other violent BLM organizations, says that, once law enforcement told it that the convoy was dangerous, it was obligated to shut everything down. Adding insult to injury, GoFundMe is refusing to return the money donated, which runs directly counter to its “GoFundMe Guarantee.”

To give context to just how awful GoFundMe’s behavior is, here are a few facts. To begin with, this is not the first time GoFundMe has yanked the rug out from under conservative fundraisers. It’s a sign of the truckers’ political naïveté that they didn’t go straight to GiveSendGo, a Christian-based online fundraising site.

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Leigh Dundas and Miki Klann speak to the Scottsdale Unified School District in Arizona. During the meeting, Miki declares her intention to file a claim against the Governor’s surety bond on behalf of the SUSD board members. Each member of the board will be charged with practicing medicine without a license, child abuse, segregation and inappropriate sexual material in the school libraries.

Miki served each board member with 10 letters of intent by 10 different parents. Each claim carries a liability of up to 100K – this means each board member carries a total liability of $1 million in the event that the claims are filed. Now the board members have 5 days to rectify the situation or the parents of SUSD will file the claim.

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Maskless students in California said they were ‘barricaded’ inside their school’s gym with lunch tables propped against the door and temperatures turned down as they protested Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mask mandate.

A photo from one of the students at the Oakdale Joint Unified School District captioned, ‘Locking us in,’ shows the tables blocking the doors from the inside on Thursday. School staffers could be seen standing by on the outside.

The students claimed staff members turned down the thermostat to ‘freeze them out,’ according to Reopen California Schools and that it was only turned up when police arrived and they were allowed out.

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