Sony Pictures Entertainment’s “The Interview” Still Has Chance but Needs Your Help

American media is now being censored by North Korea. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN do something about it. I am going to tell you exactly what you can do and how you can do it, but first, let’s analyze why we are even having this conversation (you can join this conversation by leaving a comment below this article).

The Origin

I had the opportunity of speaking with a group of very intelligent individuals this past week. We got on the subject of Sony and The Interview. I have seen zero articles cover this information about Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is important information and you will see why.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), based in California, is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc. Sony Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, a Tokyo based company. Let’s take a moment to connect the dots. North Korea (Kim Jong-un) is confirmed to be responsible for the cyber attacks on Sony Pictures Entertainment (again, a U.S. based company). Sony Corporation is based in Tokyo, Japan, which is roughly 800 miles (1300 km) from Pyongyang, North Korea. Initially, I assumed Sony Corporation was forcing SPE to pull the showings in America out of fear of being attacked by North Korea. After doing some research and making some phone calls to theaters across the United States, my opinion has changed.

American Business Owners Are Pansies

It dumbfounds me that the role models of America do not know how simple psychology works…and I even graduated from public school within the last twenty years (if you don’t get that reference, you should listen to Student of the Gun Radio). Canceling the showings of “The Interview” on Christmas day this year, these business owners have simply empowered North Korea. Without delving into the politics of the public school system, let me break this down to the simplest form so everyone has the opportunity to grasp the concept. A freshman in high school is walking down the hallway minding his own business when suddenly an abusive senior pushes him against a locker and knocks his books out of his hands for no reason at all. The freshman has two options to choose from:

  1. Avoid eye contact with the abusive senior, pick up his books, and pretend it never happened. This choice is what each and every public school in America would condone, but is it the most intelligent?
  2. Look the big bad senior in the eye and fight back. This choice would land the victim in suspension or even expulsion while the culprit moves on to their next victim. It would also take effort and mental fortitude.

You may be asking, “Jarrad, what on Earth does this have to do with North Korea and a movie?” I am glad you asked! The movie theaters of America, business owners by extension, decided to take the path that requires less effort and less mental fortitude. They “broke eye contact” with the enemy, capitulated to the enemies request to suppress a cinematic film in our own country, and in the long run, decided NOT to stimulate the American economy. I am no economist and I did not even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night but imagine the amount of revenue this film would provide across the United States.

What You Can Do and How You Can Do It

There are many things you, as a free American citizen, can do. First, I recommend calling your local theater, asking for a supervisor or the owner, and inquire as to whether or not they were planning on showing “The Interview” on Christmas day. If they say no, show your displeasure by asking them why they are allowing North Korea to sensor American media and why they are depriving your community of tax dollars. This will take effort. If effort is not your credo, please stop reading this now. Cosmopolitan will better suite you. Secondly, Zype is reaching out to Sony Pictures. They made the following offer:

Sony Pictures: Let Zype deliver The Interview to viewers worldwide with a The Interview branded iPhone, Roku, and Streaming Web Destination, charge whatever they want (or donate the proceeds), and Zype won’t charge Sony a penny. But WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please click on this Tweet and RETWEET and FAVORITE it so that the Sony team knows the fans are with us, and forward this message on to your friends who can help! Do it for America, do it for freedom, and do it to hear Seth Rogen’s laugh.

Now THAT is an American business owner that lacks the Pansy quality mentioned earlier in this article.

The main concern, supposedly, was North Korea threatening to attack movie theaters with showings. Guess what…North Korea cannot physically hurt any American citizens if the movie is shown via the internet. Zype has a genius idea. I leave you with one simple request…Let’s collectively give Kim Jong-un the middle finger by making this happen. All you have to do is favorite and retweet this tweet on Zype’s Twitter account.

All that being said, this may just be the biggest advertising stunt anyone has ever pulled. If Sony was looking for millions of dollars worth of free advertising for this movie, they sure figured out how to acquire that exact thing. Props to Sony if they planned to release the movie the entire time but that still does not change the fact that theater owners decided to halt the release in their locale.

Jarrad T. Markel ©2014

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