How-to Disarm the Armed Citizen Part 3/3 – Guilt

When the stubborn citizens, the ones who have managed, despite the odds, to educate themselves and who have turned off the cultural rot are encountered, they must be bombarded with guilt…


The campaign of ignorance began decades ago with the woefully inept education system; a system that places artificial self-esteem ahead of actual achievement. The more ignorant of common law and the rights of an individual they are, the easier it becomes to dissuade the people from exercising those rights. With no understanding of history, the ignorant see the world only from the narrow view of today.

Ignorance is not stupidity. To be ignorant simply means to be without facts or knowledge. The void that’s created by ignorance is easily filled with emotion and artificial stimuli. A person is easily manipulate when their head is filled with emotion.

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Distraction takes many forms. Pop-culture filth and vapid rubbish are put forth as entertainment. Rather than inspire thought and understanding, the pop culture media has devolved into baser grunts and moans.

The language is butchered and lowered to a sub-elementary level. Deviants, thugs, and reprobates are foisted as cultural icons. The impressionable generations are encouraged to be shallow and self-centered. Our culture caters to the LCD; Lowest Common Denominator. Rather than inspire and elevate, we dumb it all down.

Games and sports are promoted non-stop, keeping those who, under normal circumstances would be outraged by the actions of the state or world events, distracted. The human mind has only so much room or attention span. It is the strongly held opinion of this author that events such as “World Cup Soccer” are ideal avenues to distract the masses. World Cup Soccer is a fantastic way to distract the impoverished masses from the corruption of the state.

If the citizen cannot be distracted by pop culture filth, their attention is diverted to other vapid subjects. Topics of cultural dissention such as manufactured-racism, homophobia, global-warming, et al. are given non-stop publicity so as to keep the masses arguing amongst themselves and therefore distracted.  Far too many citizens willfully fall into this trap.

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Finally, when the stubborn citizens, the ones who have managed, despite the odds, to educate themselves and who have turned off the cultural rot are encountered, they must be bombarded with guilt. We have borne witness to an orchestrated guilt campaign now referred to as “Fast and Furious”.

With absolutely no regard for the lethal consequences of their actions, those charged with protecting the lives of the innocent instead wantonly fed arms to those who they knew would use them for evil purpose. When discovered, those in charge of the fiasco claimed ignorance, good intentions, and hid behind the meaningless term “mistakes were made”. Why would they do this?  It is simple. The answer to the question is to force guilt upon those who stubbornly refuse to surrender their liberty of arms.

The useless horror supplied non-stop after every criminal act that includes a firearm serves the purpose of the elitist or statist. That purpose is to shame those who have escaped the ignorance and distraction traps. Guilt is a powerful ally to the ruling class elite who view the independent minded citizen as a roadblock to their conquest.

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Paul Markel

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  1. James Sellers

    Excellent material. Once you see what has been done, and what is being done There is no doubt what is meant by reasonable restrictions. Which obviously miss the whole point of reasonable and bypass what actually should be done to reduce crime and safeguard our lives and freedoms.

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